Did you know that catastrophic insurance is a broad insurance that can cover your entire household?

Some qualified clients have received 1 Million dollars worth of protection for their household for as little as $200.00 per year???

A personal catastrophe/liability policy can protect you above and beyond your current coverage. They pick up where a homeowner's policy ends, at the upper limits of your auto policy.


1) Your child has an auto accident, and you are subject to a lawsuit for $500,000.00. If your auto coverage stopped at $300,000.00 the umbrella policy would normally cover the $200,000.00 deficit. 

2) Someone is injured on your property, and become the defendant in a lawsuit for 1 Million dollars. Homeowners coverage had an upper limit of $500,000.00. For covered liabilities, the insurance company will pay the difference between the 1 Million, and the $500,000.00





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