First and Foremost, Your clients deserve a seamless continuation

of the superior service that you provide!




We have the ability to improve DTI when you need it most!


1) Prompt,  accurate, professional service.

2) The ability to quote numerous carriers, at one time, and present quotes in an understandable manner.

3) We strive to ensure that every client understands their needs, and what the options are to reduce exposure.

4) Every client receives a yearly review that includes a review of their current position.

5) A coverage review, property owned/sold, financial position and goals.

6) We can help your client reach their goals, protect their assets, and enjoy life more.

7) We track all client sources and refer back to source when possible.

8) We offer a robust referral program

9)  We do not compete with your business, nor do we refer your business elsewhere.

This means, if you refer a client to Chesapeake Regional Insurance,

and we discover a need that you can fulfill,

We direct them back to you!


Car Dealers


Binding within the hour

No Need, No Prior, No Problem



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