Did you know the rates between different insurance companies can vary greatly, even from year to year?

They are adjusted based on the companies overall exposure...

We review your rates against various carriers on a regular basis, we believe that you deserve to pay the lowest rates we can provide.


We have a program that allows us to obtain several quotes at the same time, this allows us to provide competitive quotes, and review those quotes at regular intervals.


Auto Insurance Information Guide

Auto Insurance Basics

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Travelers Insurance


Auto Insurance Made Easy
Understanding insurance can often be like trying to learn a foreign language. Many find it confusing and intimidating. Fortunately, there's help. Here is a quick reference designed to help you understand some of the most common kinds of coverages. The reference was put together by The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies.
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Fact or Fiction: Uncovering Auto Insurance Myths
Like a teenager eager to try a new video game, playing before reading the rules, many drivers buy insurance without really understanding what they're buying. In the rush to feel “covered,” they can skip the details. That can lead to frustration. Following are five insurance myths heard by some of the more than 13,000 claims people at Progressive, one of the country’s largest auto insurance companies.
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